How to Link YouTube Channel Analytics to Our Google Ads Account

As we promote our clients’ YouTube videos and channels, it is important for us to analyze and adjust our marketing strategies in different ways for different campaigns. To do so, we require our clients to link their YouTube analytics to our Google Ad account. The linking itself poses no threat to the YouTube account from hacking. The link does not give us the ability to edit, delete, or modify any videos. It only gives us the ability for the following:

  • Views: Your video ads’ organic view metrics will be shared with the linked Google Ads account.
  • Insights: Insights about how people interact with your channel after viewing your ads will be shared with the linked Google Ads account.
  • Remarketing: The linked Google Ads account will be able to show ads to people who visit and interact with your channel.

This access can be revoked at any time you wish.

Steps to link YouTube analytics to Likeable Company Google Ad account.

From YouTube homepage, head over to YouTube Studio or

YouTube Studio

In YouTube Studio, click Settings at the bottom left of the page.

YouTube Studio Settings

A pop up menu window should appear. Click on Channel.

Click on Advanced settings.

YouTube Studio - Advanced Channel Settings

Scroll down to Google Ads account linking and click on LINK ACCOUNT.

YouTube Channel Ad Linking

Another pop-up menu should appear.

In Link Name, enter:

  • Likeable Company

In Google Ads Customer ID, enter:

  • 930-554-7222

Keep all check-boxes checked.

Click on Done.

You should now see the link to our account created. Click on Save.

We will then have to approve the request.

To remove our access, click on CANCEL.